Graduation Dinner 2011

Whenever I have a Year 12 class I attend the Graduation Dinner in the last week of Term 3. Well, that was last night.

One of my students has trace amounts of Aboriginal blood and consequently has been engaged in all sorts of programs that she takes with a grain of salt.  She’s a boarder and I hadn’t met her parents despite having taught her for three years. So she said to me: “I want you to meet my parents. They don’t know anyone else there. I told them you’re mean and bully me because I’m Aboriginal.”

Tickled my funny bone.

Things have been slow on this blog, to be sure.  There’s much to write about, but too little time.  I was really pleased with the way I introduced Calculus to Year 11 this term, for instance, and will hopefully write that up soon.


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Mathematics teacher and hobby computer programmer.
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