Hello, World!

This is cos squared theta (CST), a journal of ideas and experiences in Mathematics teaching. Intended audience: myself in six months when I can’t quite remember that great idea I had or saw. Plus anyone else who is interested. We’ll see how we go.

I’m in Sydney, Australia and am one week into the Christmas holidays. So no teaching for a while, but I am hoping to get some serious work done these holidays, especially creating tests for my standards-based grading (SBG) initiative I’m planning to roll out in 2011. There’ll be more on that in the near future, for sure.

I also blog on matters of general interest at Midnight Rambler (http://nosedog.tumblr.com). “nosedog” is an online handle I have used for years. It came from an Australian joke/story published on the Internet in its very early days. I don’t remember the joke now, but it was pretty funny. Anyway, it’s as well to keep Maths teaching and other matters separate.

I use Tumblr for general blogging because it’s shiny and new and has ideas I like, but WordPress has support for mathematical content.

To end this introductory post, here are two of my favourite mathematical xkcd cartoons:

— — —

About nosedog

Mathematics teacher and hobby computer programmer.
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